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High- Tech Management, Galillee College – Israel
November 27 – December 7, 2001

Dear  Jose Luis Cordeiro,

As the assistant director in the International Department of the Galillee College, I am glad to inform you that based on our scholarship policy, we will be able to grant a tuition scholarship to a qualified candidate who is a citizen of Venezuela to our High- Tech Management program.
Galillee College is the leading higher education institute in Israel offering management courses to senior managers from developing countries. Since its establishment, in 1987, thousands of senior managers, from all corners of the earth, have enriched their professional expertise between its walls.
Galillee College developed a new management program: High Tech Management that is specializing in the setting and needs of high-tech corporations.  This course is designed to fulfill the special requirements of mid-career executives in the high-tech industry who are preparing for senior management, and it enhances the skills and effectiveness of senior executives.
The participants must meet the following requirements: citizen of Venezuela with at least a first academic degree, proficient in English and with professional experience in the subject of the course. A candidate who qualifies for the scholarship has to fund only the airfare to and from Israel and a local expense fee covering accommodation with full board, airport transfers, medical insurance, weekend excursions and study tours, to the sum of USD 3050.
We hope you may find this study opportunity interesting and choose to benefit by it yourself or offer it to others from Center for the Dissemination of Economic Knowledge Should you wish to register please send me a complete registration form and sponsorship endorsement (enclosed) and a detailed CV. I look forward to hearing from you and am at your service should you require
more information.
Sincerely yours,
Ms. Shoshi Norman
Assistant Director, International Department
High-Tech Management Program


The High-Tech Management program specializes in the setting and the needs of high-tech corporations.
Israel ranks high in the field of high-tech products development, with items such as network security, smart cards and Internet phone technology.
The Internet, for instance, is a watershed technology with the potential to catalyze growth in the developing world. As countries build the basic infrastructure for access to the Internet, new opportunities have emerged to link with the global economy, create high-skilled jobs and provide a platform for social services. The Internet has made distances irrelevant and removed borders. When you buy or sell software, no one cares if you are sitting in Pretoria, Taipei or Tel Aviv


High-tech industries face a unique set of challenges when bringing their ideas to market. Using current theories and practices of marketing management Galillee College's program will help high-tech executives stay competitive, throughout the process of transferring a cutting-edge concept from the drawing board to the marketplace. The program examines the anatomy of leadership in modern organizations, with special attention to the ethical challenges facing corporate leaders, in the rapidly changing business environment. It explores the economic principles of business strategy and develops an analytic framework for identifying and evaluating alternative strategies. We intend to develop negotiation and dispute resolution skills in multilateral contexts, between organizations and across cultures. We intend to inspect the economic mechanisms and trends as well as the cultural, social, and political environments that shape them 

Program Participants 

The High-Tech Management Program is designed to meet the needs of mid-career executives in the high-tech industry, who are preparing for senior management, and to enhance the skills and effectiveness of senior executives.

Curriculum - The study Program includes the following subjects:

Operating Strategies for the General Manager
The Art of Negotiation
Leadership and Ethics
Financial Analysis
Statistical Decision Analysis
Marketing Strategies
International Economics and Finance
The Macroeconomic Environment
International Business Law

Please note: the above is Galillee College’s standard course plan. Galillee College is not bound by it and is free to introduce changes, additions or deletions.


High – Tech Management
November 27 – December 7, 2001

Mr. [  ]          Ms.  [  ]         Dr.  [   ]
Name: _________________________________________________
Surname: _______________________________________________
Passport Number: ________________________________________
Date of Expiry: _________________________________________
Date and Place of Birth: ___________________________________

Mailing Address:  ________________________________________
Telephone:  ____________________________________________
Fax: __________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________

Name & Address of Employer:  _____________________________

Telephone (bus):  _________________________________________
Fax: ___________________________________________________

Present Position: _________________________________________
Main Job Responsibilities: _________________________________

General Education:    
Degree: ________________________________________________
Major: _________________________________________________

Knowledge of English: 
Spoken     Excellent   [   ]      Good   [   ]     Fair   [   ]
Written     Excellent   [   ]      Good   [   ]     Fair   [   ]

How did you learn of this Program:
Requested to apply for Tuition Scholarship:    
YES   [   ]
NO      [   ]
Person or Organization responsible for payment of local expense fees:

Please print or type all information and attach detailed C.V.

Galillee College, International Department – Admissions Committee
P.O. Box 1070 Tivon 36000 Israel 
Fax: 972-4-9830-227  

Galillee College, International Programs.


Name of Applicant:
(Last/Family Name)          (First/Given Name)          (Middle Initial)

Position ________________________________________________

Organization ____________________________________________

Name of Sponsor ________________________________________
Position ________________________________________________
Organization ____________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________
Phone _________________________________________________
Fax ___________________________________________________

The Bill for the Local Expense fee will be sent to the above address.

Important: your endorsement is considered part of the candidate’s application, and the Admissions Committee can take no action until this form is submitted.

   Signature of Sponsoring Officer                               Date

Please return this endorsement to the applicant or send it directly to:
Shoshi Norman, Ass. Director, International Department, Galillee College,
P.O.B 1070, Tivon 36000 Israel. 
Fax: 972 4 9830 227.

For additional information you may contact Ms. Norman at 972 4 9837 444 or Email: